Friday, June 5, 2009

Shocked Again

Once again, I find myself shocked by the way in which some Christians respond to people or positions that they disagree with. Yesterday, the president gave what I thought was a great speech. In humility and with great integrity, he spoke to the Muslim world in a way that few previous presidents have had the courage to do. Basically, this president understands that our position or our understanding of a particular situation or group of people is fallible. We are human beings who are imperfect and who often make mistakes. In light of this realization, President Obama tries to respect and understand people with whom he has disagreements. He tries to listen and then move forward based on mutual respect. What is most amazing to me is the criticism he has received concerning his desire to talk to people in an effort to solve problems. Christians, more than anyone else, should support this effort. All through the Gospels, Jesus talked about how to restore broken relationships - you talk, you forgive, you try to understand. You don't attack, or retaliate, or seek vengeance. And yet some of the most vocal critics of President Obama's foreign policy are Christians who seem to ignore the teachings of Jesus unless they coincide with their own presuppositions. Personally, I am excited about having a Christian in the White House who takes seriously the radical nature of following Jesus.

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