Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Current State of Affairs

It has now been seven months since we elected our first African-American president. The jury is still out on how well our new president is handling all of the problems he inherited, but one thing is for sure. This guy is different from what I have seen from presidents in the past. He just seems to be so honest and genuine. Now this is not an endorsement of any of his policies. In fact, I have some problems with the amount of money he wants to spend, but from a character perspective, President Obama strikes me as someone who really does care about people and who wants to change the old Washington way of doing things behind closed doors and then lying to the American people in order to cover things up. I for one am excited about this breath of fresh air. For a long time, I had sort of given up on politicians because none of them seemed very trustworthy. Well, maybe things are changing. My encouragement to those Christians who are being critical of him is to give him a chance. We are never going to agree completely with any elected official, but who knows what can happen now that we have someone in office who is interested in what is best for the American people.

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